Wood Carving Class


Ubud Kaya House - Wood Carving Class

Wayan Mudana has been enthusiastically teaching wood carving for more than thirty-five years. He was fortunate to be trained by the best wood carver, late Ida Bagus Tilem  and sculptors. Mudana as we called, has been a featured master woodcarver at many International Wood working Exhibition where he has given workshops on wood carving technique and designing skills. Mudana has also been a featured local TV guest on live Television shows  Over the years, Mudana has honed his step by step teaching process to its simplest form. He teaches his students using one of the most important factors that accelerated his own personal training.  Each action is made obvious to you in a logical way and every step is carefully thought out for your benefit. Secondly, the group structure creates an environment to creatively reinforce key points which are so important in advancing each individual student’s learning curve. If you have tools bring them. If you need to buy tools, the Mudana Gallery has them for purchase at our local blacksmith. If you want to rent tools we offer that as well. Call for more info.

Price starts USD. 50.00 per person