Master Balinese Mask Maker

Ubud Kaya House - Master Balinese Mask Maker

Balinese Masks require a very high level of expertise. Not only must the maker be an expert in the art of wood carving, but also he must know the movements that each dancer uses so that the character can be shown by the mask.  Living legend in Balinese Mask making – Ida Bagus Anom.  He is revered locally and very well known internationally for his handcraft and the strong images of his masks. His traditional masks are in high demand by Topeng dancers and pantomimes all over Bali. As with many artisans here, Anom learned his craft from his father, who in turn learned it from his father. Anom was born in 1953 in Mas, Bali (recognized as the mask-carving centre of Bali) and continues to live in the same compound where his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and their ancestors have lived for over 700 years. Anom inherited his artistic talents form his father, the noted maker Ida Bagus Ketut Gelodog, who taught him carving, dancing and puppetry. ( source : Wednesday, November 3, 2010 Posted in TRAVEL by Arif Iqball Travel & photography Blog)

Price starts USD. 50.00 per person