Balinese Offering

Ubud Kaya House - Balinese Offering

Canang is a small, square coconut-leaf basket overflowing with a variety of brilliant flowers, whereas sari means ‘essence.’  (For example, a modest amount of money could make up the essence of a Balinese offering known as kepeng. One night while walking along the beach in southern Bali, we saw a canang sari waiting to be carried out to sea, along with a modest kepeng.) The Balinese make canang sari offerings on a daily basis.This labor of love and devotion takes approximately one hour. In addition to the mounds of vibrant buds, we use coconut leaves and bamboo that is shaved into a toothpick-like thread. Canang sari embody Balinese Hinduism and the religion’s aim to make the world balanced through Tri Hita Karana. Parahyangan means ‘God’, Pawongan means ‘human’ and Palemahan means ‘nature.’ Tri Hita Karana is represented with a special three-piece component that is included in every canang sari.

Price starts USD. 30.00 per person