About Us

Kandia & Yanti - About Ubud Kaya House

Launched in 2014, we are a Bali-based, start-up company founded by a highly experienced team. Kaya House was started by Mangku Kandia and Yanti Sukamdani, who together saw an opportunity to take an offline industry online and bring Kaya House Bed & Breakfast from the education travel sector into mainstream leisure travel. On Kaya House website, anyone can book a home stay including tourists, leisure travelers, students, interns, people relocating for work or those who simply want to experience local culture and meet local people when they travel. In a dedication to introduce a genuine of Balinese village life, culture, authentic cuisine and stay amongst the family in the village. With following Bali Kaya House Program, you will experience the authentic of Balinese culture. Get immerse in village life and learn more deeper about Balinese way of life and it’s cuisine. Become a part of the family because you will stay in the family compound which set for a comfort and simple stay amongst the family. I will personally guide you while you stay with us in the Mas village also some time assist by other team to take you around our village environment and let you know about some plants to use as herbal medicine, vegetation . I will also personally to pick you up and drop you to last meeting point when attending our Kaya House program.